From Parents

TIP: Positive Language For Children

Love Encourage Uplift
Ask for help Imitate someone funny What else do you want to know…?
Ask yourself can I… It’s all right, if you don’t understand When you spilled, I liked that you cleaned up
Demonstrate It’s going to be ok Would you like to….?
Do you need some quiet time? It’s not your fault Wow!
Do you prefer this or that… Let me explain Your welcome
Do your best Let’s exercise together You are God
Don’t cry, I am here Let’s play You are my gift
Don’t give up…keep going Let’s set the timer to help us You are my purpose
Eat healthy foods like… You have an  amazing teacher You are very responsible when…
Fabulous Let’s try that again You can do it, keep going
Fantastic Let’s use our voice, not hands You did it all by yourself!
Give me a high five Make a good choice You earned it!
Give me a hug Sorry for yelling at you kiddo You made it!
God loves you Nice work! You make me happy
Inspire Respect Motivate
Good job at… Please repeat You make me laugh
Good Listening Please… You make me smile
You made nice eye contact Show me how to do it You remembered to…
Good manners when you said… Stay calm, it will be ok You’re a nice person for…
Good thinking Take a deep breath when… You’re absolutely amazing
Hands are for hugging, not hitting others Take your time when… You’re beautiful
How did that happen? Tell me ,“I am mad at you, mom” You’re brave when..
I adore you Tell me if you’re scared You’re doing well
I am blessed to have you Tell me more about… You’re funny
I am not angry at you because you told me the truth Tell me why are you feeling…. You’re good at…
I am proud of you Thank you for being honest You’re perfect just the way you are
I am so blessed to have you Thank you for working hard You’re reading awesome
I believe you when you said… Thanks for asking… You’re right, I was wrong
I can do it better if you help me Thanks for sharing You’re smart
I like that you asked for help These are your choices You’re strong
I like that you asked me before you… Try…Try Again Your aide cares about you
I love you more Wait, think first Your grandma loves you
I noticed you said hi to your…that’s great! We did it together Your grandpa loves you
I saw you use your language We love you Your sister/brother loves you
Your teacher told me you work hard
Compassionate Responsible Positive Parenting

TIP : Practice OT exercises on car rides

I keep a small dry erase board and favorite markers for my little one so she enjoys drawing and writing every time she is in the car. With a child who has OT issues, taking advantage of car rides while making it fun and therapeutic in the process! Anything to improve her hand and eye coordination without much added effort. In fact, I keep an activity bag in the trunk for any unexpected downtime.

TIP : Speech and language delays: I have a child with articulation disorder and speech and language delays. I sometimes create vibration on her skin and in her ear as I say the sounds so she can feel the sounds. Sometimes, I even write the letters on her skin so she can feel the strokes of the letters.  I think it makes a difference.

meena's picTIP : Physical Therapy while watching TV
I put a few exercise items around my child like bar bells and 3 pound ball while having her sit against a couch on the floor while watching TV. Seated on the yoga mat reminds her to stretch…great for those tight muscles!



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