Special Education Teachers Share Their Most Powerful Tool In The Classroom

2positive language special ed teacher picBy: Meena Tadimeti, MBA
Contributor to specialneedsinmycity.com
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Students in special education spend 6 hours a day, ten months a year for 22 years of their lives with teachers who are responsible for strengthening their academic, communication and life skills. Since language is one of the most powerful tools available to teachers, we asked some amazing special education teachers to share with us how they harness the power of their language in reinforcing, reminding and redirecting students in the classroom.

Establishing and using positive language with children has to be purposeful and routine before it can become a habit. As one Turlock special education teacher adds,” a learned skill that requires both parents and teachers to establish”.  Next time you visit your child’s classroom, ask your child’s teacher what specific positive language she/he uses when your child has a difficult time understanding or completing a task.

We thank all teachers who shared their knowledge and expertise with how they motivate their students with learning disabilities. Thanks to special education teachers who continue to have high standards for their students and work tirelessly to help our children Teacher praising studentreach their full potential with patience, kindness, and respect.

Here is a list of positive approaches/language used by our teachers.

Meena Tadimeti is mother of a child with special needs, advocate for children, mentor, speaker & volunteers teaching special needs children – reading, math and use of technology. 

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