Top 100 Positive Words To Use With Your Special Needs Child

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by: Meena Tadimeti, MBA
Contributor to
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Countless books have been written on the importance and benefits of using positive language with children to help them build confidence, self-perception and self-control. However, as parents, we all know how easy it is to slip into using negative and angry words to deal with our frustrations and feelings of helplessness when taking care of our children, especially ones that need more patience, more care and more compassion.

Incorporating positive words regularly and using clear and direct language without the sarcasm or hurt is key to maintaining calmness and respect in those overwhelming parenting moments.  The combination of pleasant tone of voice, proper body language and powerful words truly allows children to internalize themselves as capable individuals; while minimizing power struggles between parents and children.

We created a list of 100 positive words/approaches for you to use to remain calm and respectful when parenting your special needs darling.  This approach, of course, will also help your child solve problems and communicate more effectively in the process!  Please let us know what positive words you use with your child to reinforce positive behaviors by using “leaving a comment” link below . If you would like to print or share this list, look for the buttons at the bottom of the list. Remember to use at least one positive word/approach  a day!  For a list of positive words used by parents , CLICK HERE

Meena Tadimeti is mother of a child with special needs, advocate for children, mentor, speaker & volunteers teaching special needs children – reading, math and use of technology. 


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