Arrived! 8 Parenting Classes To Help You Be Smarter Parents

Are you feeling guilty about loosing your patience with your child or frustrated with not fully knowing the IEP process? Help is here. To assist parents navigate through special education effectively while recognizing the demands of raising children with special needs, Turlock Unified’s School District’s Special Education Department is offering various parenting classes focusing on understanding IEP process, behavior strategies, assessment process, speech and language communication, Autism, coping with the holiday season and preparing for school transition & Summer break, for Free.  Each topic will be conducted mornings and evenings on the scheduled dates. Translation is available provided the request is made 48 hrs in advance.

Special Education Director @Turlock Unified

Jeff Santos, Director of Special Education @Turlock Unified School District

Turlock Unified supports over 1500 students in its special education program servicing children from preschool to age twenty-two. “We would like to offer parents classes on topics that will assist them with the skills needed to be successful parents and understand the world of special education. We feel it is important to be a resource and support system for our parents,” says Jeff Santos, Director of Special Education Department at Turlock Unified. “By offering these classes we hope to provide resources and build relationships with our parents.”

At Turlock Unified School District, school principals, assistant principals and deans receive training in special education. This approach is simply smart and needed. Turlock provides Special Day Class and Resource Specialist programs as well as other related services such as speech/language therapy, adapted PE, social skills, inclusion support and behavior intervention. To give feedback about these classes, email to or let us know by leaving us a comment. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

Turlock Unified School District's logoFor further details, visit
Here is a list of the 8 upcoming parenting classes: 2014-2015_Parenting_Class_Calendar_-_English__Spanish

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