Ideas to keep children thriving and learning at home… during summer months

thWhether it’s summer camp, swimming lessons or enhancing academic skills, summer time offers parents many choices to help their child remain active and thriving during long summer months. Learning Disabilities Association of America offers tips and strategies for parents to keep kids of all ages active and learning that, otherwise; may not be possible during the school year.

Here are some ideas from that list that can be done at home.

Elementary School Level

  1. Explore a summer reading program at the library.
  2. Use a children’s cookbook to read and follow directions to make favorite foods. Directions in cookbooks can be simplified by numbering them to assist with sequencing.

Secondary School Students

  1. Encourage reading of any type. Reluctant readers might enjoy books on tape to listen to as they read.
  2. Read about places that the child will visit on vacation. Have the child write/type about them in a letter or journal

If you use a website(s) or an App to help your child read, do math or play games, etc…that you recommend,  please share with the rest of us parents! Use the comment form below!

link to stanislaus public libraryStory times at various Stanislaus County libraries:

Stanislaus County Library’s List of Children’s Books by Grades:

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