Johansen High School-Special Education Student Talent Show

Dozens of students took their classmates, families, friends and others “to the hop” on Wednesday afternoon as Johansen High School presented the annual Special Education Talent Show, which has “The ’50s” as its theme.

In solo and group performances, the kids performed hits including “Let’s Go to the Hop,” “Splish Splash,” “Jail House Rock” and – departing from the theme – the ’80s hit “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by British rockers Def Leppard.

To prepare for the talent show, the 37 special-needs students and three regular-education PALS have been practicing since January, said Tony Heintz, Johansen High special-education teacher and PALS coordinator.

“This is our 10th annual show,” Heintz said of the program, which will be repeated today. “Each year, we have a different theme. Sharon Cornelius, who works with me as a special-ed para, choreographs all of the acts.”


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